• Our Global Footprint

    OUR GLOBAL FOOTPRINT From Active Harmonic Filter to Static Var Generator, our products help Clients in 40+ countries,3000+ projects  regulate power factor and improve power quality. While we’ve been headquartered in Shanghai, since 2014, we have offices, manufacturing plants, research & development facilities and distributors in about 15 countries and territories around the world. Whether you’re looking for business opportunities, a position with SHANGHAI YT or to partner with us on a project, this map describes our project footprint in each location. YTPQC Power Quality Devices(Active Power Filter, Static Var Generator) have been installed in U.K, Belgium, Netherland, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Indonesia,Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia,Canada,Mexico,Colombia,South Africa, U.A.E,S.A, China,etc

  • YT ELECTRIC Factory

    Shanghai Yingtong(YT) Electric is a pioneer and leader in power quality solutions, and specialize in R&D, production and sale of Active Power Filter, Static Var Generator, Active Load Balancer, Hybrid Reactive Power Compensation and Energy Storage System. YT is invested by CSG (Stock No. 300222), focus on new energy and power quality solutions, energy efficiency management system etc, support and service worldwide clients.YT Factory loctes in Songjiang District, Shanghai City.   Core R&D Team YT R&D team +20 years engaged in technical research and development, technical management and production management of products and projects in the fields of power electronics, power and electrical automation control, communication, software engineering, test engineering and other fields. We are developing New Products of Energy Storage, our products series covers Low Votlage Active Harmonic Filter, Low Votlage Static Var Generator, Low Votlage Hybrid Var Compenstor, Active Voltage Conditioner, Energy Storage Sysem.   Professinal Management Team General Manager, Mr Zhong is also a professional in power quality field and energy storage fields.    In 2008, The third prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award; In 2010, The second prize of scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Machinery Industry; In 2010, Leaders of three Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation projects; In 2011, he was rated as a senior engineer of electronic information. 82 patents, including 37 invention patents and 8 papers published. Executive Deputy General Mrs Zhang, Co-Partner of YT Electric is a leader and professor in management   Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Former general manager of a Fortune 500 company Global Operation Leader,ANTAI Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University (CLGO) MBA Lean Management Course Distinguished Lecturer Master of Industrial Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University EMBA,China Europe International Business College Over 25 years of working experience in state-owned, foreign and private companies, Accumulation of substantial amounts involved in strategic planning and execution, Sales market, new product development, operation management, quality management, Hands-on experience in supply chain management, human resources and finance. Published 3 books and translated 3 Lean monographs. TOP 5 Strength: Achievement, Strategy, Learning, Concentration, Confidence Modern Production Line High quality The products manufactured by advanced manufacturing technology have high quality, good performance, good use performance, high service life and reliability. High efficient Compared with the traditional manufacturing process, the advanced manufacturing process can greatly improve the labor productivity and greatly reduce the labor intensity and production cost of the operator. Low consumption Advanced manufacturing processes can greatly save raw materi...

  • Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) VS Passive Harmonic Filter(PHF)

    Advantages of Active Harmonic Filters An Active Harmonic Filter is a group of electronics filters that will utilize active components like an amplifier for its functioning.Active Harmonic filters have some definite advantages over Passive Filter, including the ability to provide signal gain, higher input and lower output impedances, no need for buffer amplifiers, and less dependency on inductors, which add expense. Advantages of Active Harmonic Filters: No resonance issue It can eliminate any harmonics Used for voltage regulation Used for reactive power compensation It provides reliable operation No loading or overload problem when the load is full It does not exhibit any insertion loss It also allows for isolation control of input and output impedance The component used in the active filter is the smaller size as compared to passive· Active Harmonic Filters providefar more dynamic and superior flexibility in performance as compared to Passive Harmonic Filters. AHF won't cause a leading Power Factor at no-load conditions. This is important as it helps improve the quality ofthe current. PHFs, on the other hand, do.

  • Active Harmonic Filter Modular Design

    YTPQC Active Harmonic Filter has a advanced modular design. Usually YTPQC-AHF consists of one or several AHF modules and an optional touched LCD Human Machine Interface. Each AHF module is an independent harmonic filtering system, and users can change the harmonic filtering system rating by adding or removing AHF modules. According to the mounting type, YTPQC-AHF can  be divided into Rack Modular AHF, Wall-mounted AHF and free landing AHF. Wall mounted Active Harmonic Filter Module:

  • What is Active Harmonic Filter?

    YTPQC-APF based on 3-level topology, is an Active Power Filter (APF) system designed to eliminate harmonic oscillations and reduce costs consequently. APF is a versatile solution, easily tailored to deliver power factor improvement, voltage variation control, flicker mitigation and load balancing functionality, and highly improved power quality in networks while reducing harmonic pollution.

  • Advantages of YT Active Harmonic Filter

    In today’s business environment, expectations are only getting higher. Managers are increasingly concerned with operational efficiency. This includes minimizing costs, capital expenses and unplanned downtime. Rocketing prices have also caused the industry to take a closer look at energy consumption and make adjustments to help keep these costs and corresponding expenses at a minimum. YTPQC-AHF Active Harmonic Filter is a modular, flexible, high-efficiency power quality solution for modern power networks’ problems, such as harmonics, low power factor and unbalances and so on. YTPQC-AHF protects critical industrial, residential and commercial applications, solving tough power quality problems for all types of applications and customers globally. Leading Technology Optical Harmonic Filter Three level topology Ultra-compact Modular design Fastest switching frequency 25.6kHz Lowest power consumption ≤ 2.5% Leading dissipation technology Self-adaptive algorithm(ADALINE) THDi less than 5% at rated load High filtering efficiency up to  98% Fast Response time less than 5ms Selective or Full compensation Best Power Quality Control High Quality Assurance Continuous power factor correction Both capacitive and inductive control Precise PF maintain -1.0 ≤ CosΦ ≤ 1.0 3 phase load balance less than 5% Mitigates neutral current TI DSP, Infineon or Semikron IGBT High Stability,avoids resonance Both Hardware and software protection High Reliability Test Good Environmental adaptability

  • Operation Mode of Static Var Generator

    YTPQC-SVG Static Var Generator detects load current in real time through internal and external CT and analyzes the reactive current of load by TI DSP and FPGA, then generates PWM signal to IGBT inverter(3 Level) to generate inductive or capacitive current and compensate reactive current to realize the target power factor. YTPQC SVG can also compensate phase imbalance. Compared with the traditional capacitor bank, YTPQC-SVG has the advantages of fast response and high compensation accuracy without under-compensation or over-compensation problems, avoid resonance,etc. When the load is generating inductive or capacitive current, it makes load current lagging or leading the voltage. SVG detects the phase angle difference and generates leading or lagging current into the grid, making the phase angle of current almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side, which means fundamental power factor is unit.

  • How does YT active harmonic filter work?

    The operation of YTPQC-AHF Active Harmoinc Filter is unaffected by multifarious load forms and power grid structures. And it will not produce harmonic oscillation (resonance) along with the system, thus perfectly realizing harmonic control under diverse loads. YTPQC Active Harmonic Filter can fully accomplish dynamic reactive compensation, control the capacitor switching and ultimately heighten the power factor of power grid. Meanwhile, YTPQC-AHF has the function of controlling the three-phase load current unbalance, thus comprehensively handling various power quality matters in power grid.

  • Benefits of Active Harmonic Filter

    After installation of YTPQC Active Power Filter, Will compliance with IEEE 519, G5/4, EN 50160 and also other power quality standards and recommendations: Energy savings,Prevention/Reduction of unnecessary energy losses. Higher productivity,Prevention of breakdown and equipment failure. Quick return on investment Longer lifetime of electrical and process equipment. Reliable operation at reduced maintenance costs. Additional electric capacity in existing power grid. Improvement of energy Efficiency.

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